Treasure Coast Music Classes for students with Autism

We are the experts when it comes to working with students with special needs. We have specialists on staff with extensive experience, and all of us have worked hands on with students with autism, behavioral
Challenges or special needs. Music is. Voice for these children. We offer private music lessons, rock band class, group music lessons and pre school music and movement. We have the experience and compassion to ensure every child is successful. We even provide one on one assistants in group classes to be that extra support for special needs children. We feel that we will do everything we can to make that difference for a child. It always upsets me to hear that so few companies will work to offer their services for students who are autistic or have other challenges. These kids are God's creation and a gift for us. They have amazing talents, often in the arts as well! We believe every child should be given the same opportunity and it is our job to do whatever we can to do that. We love to see the amazing talents your child may have! Please know that we welcome every child with open arms!