Pictured below is Petrova Faith Jones, President  of Petrova Jones Music Inc.


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PETROVA JONES  is the President and Founder of Petrova Jones Music.  She has over 14 years of public and private school music teaching experience, over 18 years in private lesson teaching, and holds her Bachelors Degree in Music, graduating at an early age of 19 from PBAU.  She then received her Masters Degree in Education from MSU.  She is also state certified in Music K-12 and Elementary Education K-6,  and through these certifications  had gained  extensive experience also working with children with special needs, behavioral challenges and autism. She is also the administrator of our Home School Academic Support Program at our storefront on Tuesday through Thursday mornings, In her musical studies, she was a piano performance major and vocal performance major.  Her concentrations were classical piano, and musical theater for vocal studies.  She had extensive musical theater training additionally, as a child performer, even working within the theater scene in London, England where she grew up, and later in Palm Beach, Florida.  Through her travels she now speaks several languages fluently.  She teaches with passion and feels it is her mission to make a difference in the life of every child, in a way that works for them.  Customizing music education to meet the needs of the individual child is her goal and passion, versus strict method book teaching.  She is wait list currently and her role is designed to take on the advanced vocalists and advanced pianists at the store, if they outgrow their current teachers.  She has over 125 weekly long term clients additionally.

BRIAN JONES is the Vice President of Petrova Jones Music, and husband of Petrova.  He may not be a 'natural' musician, but he is the mastermind behind the business operations.   He is also the leader of the STEAM initiative at Petrova Jones Music and helps to design and implement the STEAM program in local K-12 schools and into the home school support program that they offer at their store front.  He is very experienced in STEAM education, with a past teaching over 8 years in pubic school as a STEM teacher, specifically teaching technology, business, and shop.  He even had his team of students win the great space race for the world in the past, and they were honored at Kennedy Space Center in 2013!  He does so much behind the scenes!  He runs the store fronts, greets and helps customers with daily needs, handles the book keeping, marketing and also is known for his incredible demeanor and personality when dealing with their customers daily.  Brian has over 10 years of teaching experience and has worked with children of all ages, specifically middle school.   He also teaches our homeschool program during the mornings on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  When he is not handling these responsibilities he is 'super dad' to their home schooled son, Aidan and fur-baby, golden retriever, Stella!

 "A boy and his dog"

"A boy and his dog"

MR. STEVE  holds his Bachelor's Degree in Music, and part of his Masters Degree in field.  He is our most experienced  music teacher, and he comes to us with over 27  years of music instruction experience. He is our lead SCHOOL MUSIC INSTRUCTOR, and also is our main instructor to coordinate our rental instrument program. He has been with our company since 2010.  Steve is in charge of overseeing the teaching for the school education programs for the company, and  enjoys teaching all ages the joy of reading music and having fun with top quality instruction! He is patient, easy going, and committed to your success at music. He has worked as a school band director and elementary music teacher for St. Lucie County schools, and his middle school band and drum line have been award winning. He also has over a decade and a half of teaching experience in Tennessee and other school districts in Florida.  He is professionally certified to teach music in the state of Florida, and Tennessee.  He holds a Bachelors in Music from Western Kentucky University. He teaches in our schools doing K-12 music classes at schools,  and also pre school music, in addition to the private and group lessons!  He works well with children with special needs and autism.

MR. ELVIS  holds his Bachelor's Degree in Music from Five Towns College in New York.  He was a guitar and percussion major, and has also extensive training in piano and audio engineering.  He is the MANAGER and LEAD INSTRUCTOR  of Petrova Jones Music at the Paar Center and lead instructor at the store.  Elvis is a caring and passionate instructor who spends his free time customizing new pieces for his students, writing specific arrangements just to meet their needs.  He has over 7 years of private lesson teaching experience and band directing, specifically in his very popular 'Future Rockers' classes.  I guess that is why he truly is the King of Rock and Roll!  He is known for giving 110 percent to every lesson, and has excellent rapport with his students and their families.  His students are challenged and very motivated yet they still  know how to truly have fun playing music, and they understand the fundamentals of reading the music and theory behind their studies .  He has been with our company sine 2013, and currently teaches private lessons in  drums, guitar, bass,  and piano,  as well as small group lessons in store.  Additionally, he also teaches general elementary music classes and our popular 'FUTURE ROCKERS' class for our company. He works well with children with autism and special needs and is very well requested!


MISS ANDJELA  is one of our excellent private lesson teachers and group lesson instructors for both piano and vocals.   She is a valued member of our team and also a very talented pianist and singer. She is also a music major in University.  She was taught by Petrova from middle school age, and she has learned her techniques from the best.  Her discipline, yet love for her students is evident, and the results are always apparent at every recital.  Her students are always prepared, reading music, and sounding fantastic.  Above all, she instills that love and passion for the Art that is so essential.  She is an invaluable asset to our team.


MISS JENNA is a Pre-school music teacher in the daycares and pre-schools, and also Group Lesson Music Teacher for Guitar and Piano lessons. She is also a Home School Teacher Assistant at our store, and is a music teacher for our early childhood music programs and school music lesson programs, both group piano, and guitar.  She also works wonderfully with students with special needs and autism.  With her expertise, we can offer group guitar and piano classes in day cares, K-12 schools and pre-schools, and she also teaches  music and movement classes at our local pre-schools and day cares! She has also been one of our longest employed teachers, and was our second teacher hired! She adores working with children, and has such patience and skill with the little ones. She is currently in her last year of University working towards her Masters in Behavioral Psychology. A former gymnast, she has experience as a gymnastics coach for preschoolers and toddlers for many years, and she currently teaches music part time with our company, and we feel so fortunate to have such great talent in our diverse team! She has been with us since 2012.  She also assists with our home school support program and helps to run the store during the day.  So, where will you find Miss Jenna during the day?  She does group music lessons at NAU Charter School in our mobile music program and works with our pre k schools, such as Alphabet Farms in Palm City.


MISS MICHELLE is an amazing private lessons instructor, home school teacher and STEM AND LEGO ROBOTICS teacher.  She specializes in private lessons in guitar, ukulele, (all levels), piano, violin and strings, beginner band, and vocal coaching.  She also works as a mobile music and STEM teacher, currently going into All Villages Pre school with LEGO Robotics, and NAU Charter with Group Violin class.  She is wonderful with students who are difficult to reach, have difficulties opening up, or are just a little shy.  Michelle just has an amazing way of getting through to that inner gift that those children may possess.  She is soft spoken herself, yet so effective.  She also has a calming and amazing effect in working with ADD and ADHD children and in their productivity.  A veteran student of Petrova Jones, she has learned from the best.  She has aquired many tools of the trade, and she applies them.  Additionally, she has her own amazing God given talents.  She has brought people to tears with her vocal and guitar skills, and performs locally, though she is very humble about that.   She is currently expanding her music skills through studies towards becoming a piano technician.


MISS ELYSSE s one of our private lessos instructors, and home school teachers.  She also is a teacher for our K-12 school music programs, specifically working with our students at NAU Charter and All Villages Christian School.  She also is very naturally gifted at working with and understanding the specific needs of our students with autism.  She specifically works with our students with special needs in our home school programs.  She also teaches private lessons in guitar, ukulele, bass, vocals, drums, and beginner piano. She represents PJM Inc. as Rent my instrument affiliates by going into local band classrooms to promote our band instrument rental program as well!  Elysse is an avid songwriter, and is a warm, giving, and sweet spirited musician with raw talent and a genuine love and passion for teaching.   In her spare time, Elysse enjoys fishing and collecting reptiles.

MRS. CINDY  is our incredibly experienced and talented Human Resources Manager.  She runs the day to day operations of Mind Body scheduling software, client scheduling, employee schedules, online bill pay, payroll and  invoices, human resources management, hiring,  and employee management.  She is a huge help to our team and is always ready to help in any way she can.  Her oldest daughter is also an accomplished pianist that studies under Petrova in our music school.  Cindy is not only a tremendous team member, but also a proud mom of 3 beautiful children.  She works mostly for us from home.