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In observing Petrova Jones teach my now 7 year old son, I describe her abilities and skills as extraordinary. She has a superb competency on various instruments—especially the piano. Petrova has a vast educational background and exposure to music; but most impressively is her ability to coach. As I sit and watch her work with my son, it always amazes me how well she instructs and inspires him. It impresses me to see how well she can diagnose the missing parts of his lessons and works with him to rebuild and tweak not only the notes and timing but the emotion too!
— Paul Garzon, parent of John-Paul, 7
Petrova is an excellent piano teacher. Both of my daughters take lessons, and were reading in music in less than a year! She is very disciplined and helps to keep them focused. In addition to the lessons, the recitals that Petrova hosts really are extremely beneficial; they boost the girls’ confidence and give them something to look forward to when they hear the advanced students.
— Lillian, mother of Morgan and Thalia, 8 and 14
Stephen Ragland is an encouraging, skilled and friendly piano teacher. It has been amazing to watch my daughter progress so quickly to the skill level she is currently at. He always manages to find a way to teach the difficult parts of music in a way that she understands. I wholeheartedly recommend Petrova Jones Music Inc.!
— Christin Cousins, mother of Brianna, 9
Andjela is the sweetest instructor. She is my son’s vocal and piano teacher. He has learned so much and is learning vocal technique the right way! She is so skilled at working with children, especially the little ones. She has patience and you can tell she loves what she does. She also runs the front and takes care of every customer need when not in lessons like a rockstar! We love everyone at PJM and cannot thank you all enough for taking such great care of us always!
— April, mom of Max, 7
I am truly blessed knowing that my daughter, Nevaeh, has Mrs. Jones as her piano teacher. The love, patience, and respect they have for one another is incredible.
It is amazing how quickly she learned to read music notes and play piano! Nevaeh will forever be grateful to Mrs. Jones for finding her future talent and passion!
— Mother of Nevaeh, 11 year old child with autism

"Elvis Pera is an amazing teacher.  Not only has he always delivered an exceptional lesson for my child but he directs an amazing rock band program.  He is a teacher who always goes above and beyond what you expect, and that is an amazing thing!  He is talented, patient, and really cares about quality instruction for my child.   He makes us feel like we are  his only client.  "

Jazlyn, mom of child with autism

We are so glad to have Petrova Jones as our son’s piano teacher. Her passion and devotion for music is motivating, and we appreciate her great ability to keep our four-year old focused and for patiently directing his progress. Thanks, Petrova!
— The Carreno's, parents of Nathaniel, 4
Mozart is one of the best teachers we have found. He is talented, passionate and gives 110 percent to my daughter’s lessons. She had been studying elsewhere and had lost interest. We gave this store a try, and are so glad we did. He has instilled the passion and love of music back in our daughter!
— Cynthia, parent of Sheridan, 15

Petrova Jones Music Inc is a company like no other.  They are first class, top quality and customized education.....honestly the very best here! Elvis, Petrova, Steve, Jenna, Wendy and her incredible teaching assistants care so much about my child, and they get huge results!   We could not be happier with the quality of music education we are receiving.

Fran, parent of 5 children ages 4-11


"Wendy is the sweetest and most patient teacher.  She teaches our younger daughter group piano in pre school, and our older daughter group piano at a local K-12 school location.  We also have friends who have children in the pre school music and movement program.  Who would've imagined my three year old would be reading music in the treble clef?  his is an amazing company with a huge heart for kids.  The teachers are the best, and the owner is always going above and beyond to uphold the high quality company she has built!  Look no further, this is the best on the Treasure Coast!"


-Jillian, mom of Sage, Bri, and Maximus, 12, 4, and 2