Over 19 years and 17,000 Students:

Education is our passion and Excellence is our Goal

A Message from the President of Petrova Music: Petrova Jones


I have been a professional musician and music educator for over 19 years! Originally born and raised in England, I moved to Palm Beach, Fl at the age of five, and split my time between the two continents! I was fortunate to have had the benefit of both European and American education. This global transition certainly gave me a great deal of musical experience! As a teen, jazz influenced my music greatly as my Grammy Winning stepfather, Grover Mitchell, late band director of the COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA would share his love of music with me. In addition, my mother, a concert pianist, was committed to my musical success. It was due to this encouragement that I was afforded the opportunity to attend college at the age of only 16, graduating with my Bachelors of Music (cum laude) at just 19 years of age.

My major in college was piano performance and voice performance, and while I was a born performer, upon entering the 'big world' of professional musicians and performances after graduation I felt alone, like something was missing.  I had spent most of my early childhood in musical theater, and performing gigs in Europe and doing plenty of stage work.  I cannot remember many weekends without lines to learn, rehearsal to attend, or scenes to block.  While I loved the theater life, and performing and singing, I also felt lonely in this kind of world.  At the end of a show, or a performance, you were still back to being you, and I felt that there was just more to this Arts life......

I was called for a music-teaching job one day. I had taught private lessons throughout college, but never really thought about classroom music teaching. Within a week I knew that this is what I was meant to do.

I wanted to go back and learn as much about teaching and being an educator as possible, and so I went on to gain my Masters' degree in Education from MSU. This year I can proudly say that I completed my 14th year of teaching music in the school classrooms, and my 18th year of private lesson instruction. 

Over 18 years, and over 15,000 students later I can still say this is what I was meant to do. During these last 18 years I developed my passion and used my talent for teaching to create our company, Petrova Jones Music Inc., and provide the best in music instruction for private lessons. Business demand has been high, and due to this we recently expanded 2  years ago to offer our music curriculum and teaching in the day cares, pre-schools, and even K-12 schools.  Last year we also added our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)  classes to the K-12 offerings, and began a full time home school program that acts as a solution for homeschooling for many families.  Of course, running my business Petrova Jones Music Inc. is more than a full time job, it is my life, but I truly ENJOY my work.  Thankfully, I have my family and my team all committed to excellence.  Without my team, we would not be what we are today! I am thankful to our superb TEAM for their passion and commitment to our students' success.  It is our combined passion that has driven us to where we are, and the philosophy we share that all students are unique and must receive customized education to become successful.   We work to make sure that each student we teach is given individualized instruction. Our studio's retention rate is over 99% and it is because our team is committed to the student enjoying what they are learning! Come see for yourself why we're the best! You will be glad you did!