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Private Music Lessons




What instruments do you teach privately?

We teach most ALL instruments. Really, we pretty much do.  We do not teach bag pipes or the harp, and a few other unusual specialized global instruments.  However, we DO have many excellent music professionals on staff, and the majority teach  private lessons for us.  We strive for top quality music lessons,  and we will pair you with a teacher who focused their instruction on your instrument(s) during their music studies or during the pursuit of their degree.  This ensures the highest level of custom instruction™. Our most popular PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS are offered in PIANO, KEYBOARDING, SINGING & VOCAL COACHING, DRUMS, VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, DOUBLE BASS, ELECTRIC GUITAR or ACOUSTIC GUITAR, ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR or ACOUSTIC BASS GUITAR and we also offer BAND INSTRUMENT PRIVATE LESSONS.  We teach every band instrument and orchestral instrument!  We also have many instruments in store for you to try out and eve have a rental or purchase program! Yes, we RENT INSTRUMENTS!

Where are the lessons?

Most of our staff teach in our main store. We opened our new main store front in May 2014  with 3 classrooms where most of  our staff  are able to teach, located at PAAR CENTER, 4007 SW Port Saint Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie 34953.  Mrs. Petrova Jones teaches most of her lessons in her home studio located in Western Port Saint Lucie, and we offer virtual lessons as well.  You will be clearly notified if your lessons are in the home location prior to lessons beginning.  Plan on your classes being held at 4007 SW Port St Lucie Blvd at Paar Center unless otherwise instructed.

What age can you start taking lessons?

We believe the earlier the better, and will also assist to evaluate to determine readiness of your child as well as the right instrument.  We can start private lessons as young as 3.  We want to have a great and successful journey with your child in music.   Plus, we also know that amazing brain development occurs in students exposed to music at an early age as well, specifically prior to age 8.  The research is amazing! 

We also teach adults.  You are never too old to learn or revisit music!  isn't it time you did something for YOU?    We currently  have students of all ages,  ranging from age 3- age 92 in our studio, but feel everyone can learn! Call 772-878-1680 TODAY!

What method do you teach?

We are a CUSTOM MUSIC EDUCATION tm company.  We teach the style of music your child or  you enjoy, and we work on teaching you how to play the songs that you want to learn.  We even customize songs to your level, writing arrangements that suit you or your child's level perfectly.  We find students learn to read music and music theory much more successfully when they have choice in their song, and are motivated and excited by their choice of piece.  All of students work side by side with the instructor to choose, as a team, pieces and genres that will not only help them improve but also will motivate and encourage their progress. We are educators, and one thing we know for sure is no two students process the same, so why should every child be taught from a method book that is a one size fits all plan? We pull from many techniques and methods, from our classical or jazz or pop training, Suzuki methods, and other practices we have used ourselves and customize each lesson to the individual.  We find that is one of the biggest way that we are different, and the best on the Treasure Coast.  Oh, and ALL your sheet music is provided in your lesson fee each week too!

Who is the teacher? 

Rest assured, we know that meeting new people can be scary and intimidating, but our staff our warm, friendly and above all, we are dedicated and passionate educators.  We work with kids each and every day-we are not rock stars, we are teachers first and foremost and kids are our business!  We also truly love what we do and it shows.  See the 'Meet Your Staff' tab for more information on PETROVA JONES, ELVIS PERA, ANDJELA VULOVIC, MICHELLE CAMERON, TATE SONENBLUM and all of our dynamic private lessons teachers!

What happens at your typical first lesson and how much is it?

A positive first experience with an instrument is so important to any child or adult.  In this first music lesson, which we can begin as young as 3 years old, the student's comfort is of our utmost concern. Whether a child or an adult, we want our students to be a success. We will familiarize the student with the instrument, demonstrate how to play it, and begin to help the student play right away.  In this way, students are excited to see the true potential of the instrument chosen! During this 30 minute private lesson, students are introduced to the basics of music theory, and begin day one to learn how to READ music. Most students will have choice in picking from many options for a first song! We will expertly guide students of all ages in how to play and by the end of the first lesson, most students will have between 2-4 new songs to practice for their family.

Going forward, students will attend a regular weekly music lesson and at that time will show what they have mastered in practice, any songs they are having problems on will be worked on, and new concepts and music will be introduced. Lessons are offered in our main Port Saint Lucie music studio, or we have instructors who can conveniently come to your home for instruction, with instruments, if necessary. Once a year students will be able to play in a music recital to show off their talents! (Participation is not mandatory) We also have a special performing group of more advanced students who give their time and talents by performing in local nursing homes and hospitals!  

Lesson fees are the same regardless of instrument type or if you are choosing vocal coaching.  Lesson fees vary, ranging from $15-$30 a week per lessons, depending on age, concentration, readiness etc.

Please call the store at 772-878-1680 for specific  pricing.  In addition, all music sheets  are provided complimentary to students, as part of their weekly lesson fee.  Performing opportunities are included additionally.   That is our gift to you for investing in your child's musical future.

Do music students need their own instrument?

While having your own instrument is recommended, it is not required.  We can also help you to purchase most instruments through our store or we have some instruments available for rent to own, or just purchse or rental, through our affiliate RMI.(Rent my Instrument) Please see our 'Rent an Instrument' tab for more info, or give us a call at 772-878-1680.

We are happy to work with you on finding the right instrument choice too!  Sometimes parents rush to buy an instrument and within weeks the student may have changed their mind on what they actually want to study.  To alleviate this stress you may use our instruments of course during your lesson time.  We have full upright pianos,  digital electric pianos, full drum sets, brass, woodwind and stringed instruments of various sizes and types available for student use at lessons in our storefront, and main studio.  Of course, if you have your own guitar, or violin please bring it to your lesson for tuning as it is always best to play on your own instrument as you learn technique.  Piano players do not need to bring a keyboard to our store, we havefull upright Baldwin pianos for you, and a fully weighted Yamaha 88 key keyboard and full keyboard lab.  We also do not feel that students must have a piano at home right away.  Sure, a piano is better, but be sure your child is going to stick with learning it first.    To start, a keyboard is sufficient, although we recommend a fully weighted one with at least 61 keys and a pedal and stand to start.  We can order these instruments for you through our store front.

- DRUM SETS  (Digital and Acoustic, and Practice Pads)

-KEYBOARDS (61-88 key, non weighted to fully weighted)

-GUITARS (1/2, 3/4 or full size, acoustic or electric)

- STRINGED INSTRUMENTS (violin, viola, bass, cello)



We also are a local affiliate of RENT MY INSTRUMENT .com and offer instrument rentals, rent to own, and lease and purchase options for most band and orchestral instruments.  Instruments are delivered to your door, and may also include maintenance and repairs for a small monthly fee.

Do you sell instruments?

Yes- The good newsis we do sell instruments and instrument accessories in our new store!  We do custom instrument orders and have distributors lined up to get you your ideal instrument, as we sell brands from a Peavey to Yamaha, Jupiter, Eastman Strings, etc. and in between!  Because we do custom orders and are not stocking tons of retail shelves, this allows us to keep prices low for our customers, on retail.

Are your recitals mandatory?  My child is very shy.

We NEVER force any student to perform in any show.  It is a choice they must make on their own, or with your input.  While we encourage everyone to try to perform in a recital some children are very shy and not interested in performance.  Please know that this is not a problem for us. We want every child to be happy learning their instrument, and when/if they are ready to perform then they can let us know, and participate.  Please note that we offer two free tickets to every recital for our students.  If you need additional tickets for more family members, we have two options for every budget.  You can chose a flat $25 recital fee per participant or individuals recital tickets

How much practice should my child put in each day?

Practice is not supposed to be tremendous fun for most children, as it is work. Just like school work, practice requires concentration, and discipline.  Playing music and performing is the fun part but practicing is the necessary work required to get to that point.  Don't let it become an argument, or something that is dreaded.  Try to let your child choose a regular daily practice time, and receive a small reward at the completion of it.  Practice time length is recommended based on doubling their age. So, if your child is 5, a 10 minute daily practice time is ideal because much more than that in one sitting will cause them to become distracted and zone out.  I would prefer to see practice occur 4-5 days a week, with a day of two off for the child to have a break rather than a forced daily struggle.  Some children will practice readily, and some will not.  Remember each child is unique!  

As students improve, practice requirements may be increased and of course, new exercises will be added into daily work.  Practicing is not something most children choose to do. Especially not when electronics are readily available for play.   It is work, and so you as a parent, must realize that it can be a struggle.  Instead of allowing it to be one, put a piggy bank near their practicing spot, and when you catch your child practicing well on their own, without nagging, reward them with a quarter, etc.  Soon they will learn that hard work pays off and they will have a little money to buy a toy or something they want, and they will know all the while that practicing paid off.  Additionally, call your family together at practice time, and allow your child to put on a show for everyone, performing their songs!  Encourage them, applaud them-ultimately, instill a joy and love of music!