Our virtual music school

Today was a huge day! We began tonight with the beta testing for our virtual music school and actually had our first private lesson this evening on our own virtual platform! Soon we will be live for anyone in the world to experience private lessons from our staff to their home! Tonight we worked with Tori, one of our super talented vocalists who recently moved to New York but wanted to continue studying under vocal coach, Petrova. She was thrilled to be able to do this and we were as well!  We did warmups as Petriva played piano to accompany Tori and then Tori used her bluetooth speakers and mike to sing the song she had just started working on to receive feedback and critique. Wow- the experience was amazing- That hard work in planning the site and school is paying off! Soon we will offer lessons for most every instrument, and vocal coaching! 

To sign up you can call7728781680 or email petrovasperformers@gmail.com





From Petrova's studio, split screen shows Petrova on left and Tori on right, receiving feedback after her first run through with her new piece.