Home School STEAM program!

This fall, due to popular demand our company is going to offer an exiting home school support program and arts integration STEAM curriculum. Do you struggle to home school due to work constraints, personality conflicts with your child, of your lack of confidence in a subject area? We can help. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-12:30 we will offer home school support. Your child can come one day or all 3 and we will help you and your child as a private tutor for their learning. The day will begin at 8:30 with a music class to get brains in tune for academics. Students can choose an instrument of study, and receive help on playing it and reading music- instruments provided. From 9-11 students will work with professional certified teachers on their CORE subjects using the curriculum that they are currently using from home. Additionally, we also will add cursive, Spanish, Real math- budgeting, finance, investing etc. and STEAM. This is a big piece. Steam Education class will occur daily from 11-12 for all participants in our program. What is STEAM? It is the merging of the Arts and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. So, if we learn about planets in our tutoring sessions that day, we may build CO2 powered space rovers in engineering, investigate climate and planet conditions in science, play Gustav Holsts Planets Symphony in music time, calculate light years in math, write a book about our favorite planet in Writing, and read about astronauts! We also may get to paint watercolor a of planets in art time at the end of our day! At the end of our day each day, at noon, students will end their tutoring with another Art and may choose from Art, Drama, extra music, Spanish, or Home Economics! Again, integrated with our daily leanings!

By integrating and applying learning to life students are more engaged and interested. Learning deepens, and students interest broadens.
In our STEAM class some days we may be building Lego Robots on laptops, designing blue prints for a dream house, launching bottle rockers, building bridges and simple machines, or making solar powered vehicles, to name a few activities. This is a wonderful program. We will offer it to home schoolers during the day, and then for those students enrolled in traditional school we will have 3 afternoon/ evening STEAM classes available but these are filling quick. If we can enhance your life with these programs do not hesitate to call today 5613792887