Virtual music School

Coming soon-In addition to all the offerings at our store and our mobile programs and school programs- we will soon have a virtual music school accessible to anyone in the world 24/7 to participate in our lesson programs- we will offer virtual classrooms with pre recorded lessons, real time live private lesson and vocal lessons, home school and full school music programs, Steam curriculum programs, programs for students with special needs and so much more! Stay tuned!
Over the next few weeks parents coming to our store will see very high tech cameras installed throughout the store, a tv above the desk in the waiting room installed and eventually the choice to have optional access with secure one time use pass-codes for parents of participants in our programs for viewing/ listening to the lesson times! So, if dad is at work he can elect to have the one time access code to log in and see his little one in her piano lesson that day and not miss a thing. *( For example). Additionally, this technology then will be used for our virtual classes that we will begin. This technology can also be used as well if a child missed a group music class- they can login at home or on vacation to catch up on what was missed and not fall behind. *We also will offer video recorded classes to go home as an additional offering for practice. *
We are so excited about this! Best of all it also allows our company to minister to other places we could not otherwise effect- soon we will be able to stream into an orphanage in Haiti each week and bring kids there a music class taught by our instructors at our port saint Luce store - right to their location! If you have any instruments you'd like to donate to them let us know- we are looking for percussion instruments, drums, boomwhackers, rhythm sticks- anything for these kids! Please help so we can get it on the next flight out.
additional fees will apply for items with *